General Musing..

Hi all,
I've not forgotten you all, really busy again!
Good news though! I've been trying out a new site which enables me to upload pictures, links, videos etc quickly and whilst on the move, So you can all have a gander at my most recent goings on over at Wide Open Pictures

Climbing Higher..

It's been quiet on the blog front for the last few months as I've been tremendously busy once again. Since August I've been jet setting and collecting passport stamps from far and wide covering the IFSC - International Federation of Sports Climbing Lead and Speed World Cup season.
Starting at the legendary Rockmaster Festival by the stunningly beautiful Lake Garda, Italy, through to Finishing the season in picturesque Kranj, Slovenia. Along the way I experienced new cultures, explored foreign lands, tasted unusual foods, gained new friendships, broadcasted World Cup Stops from Belgium, Russia, South Korea, China, and France and was nearly blown away.... literally.
Following the culmination of the IFSC year, I flew to Stockholm to cover the La Sportiva Legends Only Expo. As a stand alone event I was give full creative control of how the show would air as opposed to the IFSC terms and conditions to their broadcasts. After slogging away constantly from the moment we landed to just minutes before show time, I felt the show is one of the strongest I've produced given the limitations of resources and the time constraints. It is currently sitting on 34k views and rising daily :) Highlight Archive
Arco, Italy - Click here

Puurs, Belgium - Click here

Perm, Russia - Click here

Mokpo, Korea - Click here

Haiyang, China - Click here

Wujiang, China - Click here

Valence, France - Click here

Kranj, Slovenia - Click here

April to August Update..

In the last few months I've been massively busy. Mostly with sports but also with short films and..... I've been working on a Feature Film.
So my day to day sports work has varied from shooting Bouldering and Lead climbing in the Alps, to being invited back to Palembang, Indonesia for another excellent IWWF World Cup back in May. I've also had regular spells shooting the Volleyball England Beach Tour, EIBA Premiere Threes, T20 Cricket, Cycling and RFU Rugby.

I also had the privilege of working this years Music On The Hill

On the short film front I've been working with the AntiType and Short Night Films guys again.
Remember THIS BLOG POST? Well, 'A Dream I Had' has just received this...

Well done to everyone involved!
More festival news, Parasite has been selected for this years Portobello Film Festival. Sweet! I'll keep you posted on how it does.
..And finally on to the big one. Above is the mood reel for the feature I've been working on. More details to follow in a further update.

Down Under..

In March, the Eyres Action Sport Games took to the foreshore of Mandurah, WA. It was a thrill packed weekend of Skateboarding, BMX, Freestyle Motocross and the IWWF's 36th World Cup stop, featuring Jump, Shortboard and Wakeboard. On the opposite side of the estuary, the famous 'Mandurah Crabfest' was also in full swing. With all this excitement happening in the centre of one of Australia's most beautiful locations the atmosphere was immense.


The weekend of broadcast was made ever more brilliant with advertisers from the Red Bull, Mastercraft, Eyres Optics and Visit Australia making contributions as well as the chaps at Pro-Active TV and TSG providing fresh features, interviews and highlights throughout the event. Check out some of the impressive high speed replays the guys from TSG created using the Sony FS700 below.
Highlights - Day 2
Highlights - Day 3
Mandurah is such an alluring place, great weather, turquoise waters, friendly and helpful people and packs of dolphins saying hello. I'm looking forward to returning to this part of the world, if only for a relaxing break and catching up with new friends.
Please head over to to watch the weekend in its entirety, and heres to Indonesia in May!

'A Dream I had..'

On a snowy January morning we set out to shoot Brian Harley's latest short film, 'A Dream I Had'. Due to it being an exterior shoot and the location being a key part to the story there was no option but to postpone the shoot until a later date. Take 2, On a frosty Sunday morning in February we all headed back to Coventry for the shoot. Having been unsure on my availability for this date I stepped down from my usual comfort zone of camera op and filled in the gap of the crew, sound recordist.
Needless to say, the story behind 'A Dream..' is heartfelt, much like Eventide, but has blindsiding scenes that leave you questioning your morals and conscience. Below is a short BTS/Making of shot by Alan Van Wijgerden.

The Making of 'A Dream I Had' from Brian Harley on Vimeo.

'A Dream I Had' is due to start doing the rounds of the festival circuit so isn't available publicly yet however if you wish to see it please send me or Brian a message :)

Nothing New, Sadie & the Hotheads

In December, Oblivion Studios were approached by Sadie & The Hotheads to create a music video for their forth coming single, Nothing New. The turn around on the project was a challenging 3 weeks with Christmas and New Years to contend with to boot. The plan was to keep it simple, a performance piece with subtle period hints. They became not so subtle in the edit were a favorable sepia style grade was chosen. Below is the finished video and some behind the scenes photos and video. Enjoy

Making of Sadie and the Hotheads' "Nothing New" Music Video from Oblivion Studios on Vimeo.

2012 Oddments..

So 2012 came to a close and I noticed I was a little slack in the updates last year. My apologises for this. The Truth is I've been incredibly busy and not really had time to sit and blog about all the amazing experiences and places I've been. Heres a collection of photos I've missed along the way. I'm sure I've missed loads too..


Jonathan (Jonny) is a multi skilled, award winning film maker based near Coventry, UK. Since starting his film venture in 2002 he has injected creativity and energy into many projects across the UK and Europe. He has been described as "the person everyone needs on their set" on a number of occasions.
Starting out as an editing specialist, Jonathan has since moved from the cutting room to roles on set. He has a natural flair for camera operation and lighting rigs that bring creativity and originality to every project whilst still remaining goal focused. Couple these skills with his ability to adapt to any role or situation, his confidence & personality and excellent work ethics you agree he is a vital part to any production.

“Jonathan has a seemingly effortless ability to adapt to any situation, driven by the sole focus of the final goal at all times. With a practical mind and a deserved confidence, Jonathan is irreplaceable in on the job problem solving and never hesitates to turn an idea into an actionable solution. Add to this one of the funnest personalities you've ever had the pleasure of being in the company of and Jonathan manages to pick the whole team up when things go wrong as well as finding a solution. A true star who can always be relied on to keep the whole process moving.” 
Steven Hope, Attacat.

“Jonny is great to have on set and be around. He is very creative and focused on the job and makes excellent, high quality production and post production work. He's a great camera opp, editor and much more. Would happily recommend Jonny for film/creative work.” 
Richard Wood, Call The Shots/ Roots To Shoots.

"From an actor’s point of view, Jonny is an interesting, focused & a fantastic director. He understands & respects the actor’s choices, but also knows what will work best for the camera. This balance has made him one of my favourite people to work with, he lets me do what I think is right for my characters, but without loosing his own view of the scene/s or over look of the film. He is always willing to try anything to make the best of whatever he is doing, & he doesn’t force his opinions on people, but helps them to understand where he coming from. He is an excellent crew member and leader, & I look forward to working with him again very soon.
Benjamin Thorne, Actor - BSA.

Find Me Here:

Filmography (FilmCrewPro)
Shooting People 
Coventry and Warwickshire Filmmakers Network


Back in June I had the pleasure of collaborating with Duncan Woodhouse, Director at The Dark Alliance, on his latest short, Dystopia.
Dystopia is currently in the final stages of post production and I've been informed that it will be raising its head and making itself known soon. in The mean time heres the official poster that has been released to start the hype.

Demo Reel

Personal (Camera & Steadicam Operator)
Oblivion Studios (Company)

November update..

So I'm currently in the middle of an eastern extravaganza. On 1st Nov we flew to Dubai for the 14th World Biathle Championships
With an early start (5am) we streamed a day long assault of over 25 races with a 2hour break around midday due to the extreme heat.
The following monday I flew out to the Philippines for the Cable Wakeboard Worlds, 2012
Cable Wakeboard is one of the seven sports shortlisted for the 2020 Olympic games. The IOC attended this particular event and from what I gathered enjoyed their experience. Here's the replay of Sundays finals.

Walking for Health (WFH)

Walking has been described as the perfect exercise. The Walking for Health campaign has been championing walking as a social exercise for everyone for 12 years. The concept of health walks was started by an Oxfordshire GP, Dr William Bird MBE, in 1995 and he started the walks in 2000.
My local WFH is run by Nuneaton & Bedworth Leisure Trust and I was asked to help promote there walks. The intent for the video is to promote the walks in the local area. Most are designed for the elderly and those with mobility issues. The video is to be screened by representatives when giving presentations and it is to be played at open days.


Here it is, Eventide. Eventide poster Eventide is the film I've mentioned in previous post on here. The director, Brian Harley, approached me with his intentions for this film when we were shooting at Colchester's Mercury Theatre at the end of 2011. Although his plan was vague and somewhat cryptic it seemed that he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve with this particular project.
I had worked with Brian on several projects previous to this one and felt at that moment the project he spoke of, was destined for big things. This project turned out to be Eventide.
It was shot throughout the winter months of 2011 and 2012 on locations in Coventry and hotly tipped newcomer, Benjamin Thorne, breathed life and honesty in to the words that the talented writer had scripted. I shot some additional photography for the film at Walsgrave Hospital in January 2012. It was scored and completed in March.
Since Eventides completion it has warmed hearts, bought tears and touched hundreds of people whilst doing the rounds on the festival circuit. Brian has since been heard saying that the film that was once his, the film that he found comfort in, now belongs to the people that have watched it and can relate with its message. Humbling, hey? Eventide has even picked up a few accolades along the way.
Check it out below.. Eventide has caught the eye of several influential film makers since its online release. here are a few of the kind thoughts and sentiments passed on from them. Eventide quotes

Chamonix, 2012..

At the beginning of July, the IFSC held their annual Lead and Speed World Championships in beautiful Chamonix, France. Me and the Horizon chaps headed out to broadcast the event live for their 10,000+ crowd in the square and 50k+ audience online. For the benefit of those who don't know 'Speed Climbing' is pretty much just that. Two climbers climb the same route side by side in a race to the top of a 15meter wall. Chamonix has produced record breaking speed climbs in the past and 2012 was no different. Yuliya Levochkina of Russia broke the Womens World Record twice in the same afternoon, rocketing up the 15meter face in 8.53 sec.
See all the action from the speed finals here..

The following day was the finals of Lead Climbing. The worlds finest lead climbers, minus Jakob Schubert who was disqualified for using a clip as a foothold, battled it out in the pouring rain. The people of Chamonix and the climbing world showed up in force despite the downpour, filling the square, from start to finish.
Catch all the action here..


Olympic Promo...

Some of you eager readers may remember the picture above from a previous post when I couldn't say much about it. Well... The covers have come off it and it has been revealed. I was commissioned to create a piece of promotional material for the UIPM for part of their bid to keep Modern Pentathlon an Olympic sport.
The piece isn't something I'd usually get into but I'm starting to find my way around post production and motion graphics again. I've recently been converted from my old faithful FCP to the Adobe CS package. Why? you may ask?.. The simple answer is that it has just run away in the post production race. Dynamic link is such a powerful element and made this project a breeze. I urge FCP users to check this out and save yourself from a HUGE headache. In the final piece of this project I used over 30 edited Dynamic Links which would of been around 50 renders for FCP and a major loss of time.
After thinking up the concept of using the Olympic colours in dancing smoke the construction was relatively simple. I used a combination of Action Essentials and fractal noise to create the smoke in After Effects. This piece had over 80+ layers and 6 pre comps to give it the vibrant and layered feel.
The Font I selected is a favourite of mine called NOVECENTO which comes in a variety of different styles and best of all... some of them are FREE! I primarily used a mixture of 'Demibold' and 'Light' which gave a brilliant contrast in emphasizing the key words.
The UIPM will be presenting this to the IOC in the near future.


It's Here...

Welcome to the new & improved version of I aim to be getting back into the swing of things and updating this after each project rather than doing great big updates like I have been recently.
So here's to more updates!



Lifes moving pretty fast at the minute, so much so this is the first chance to update this page. Firstly I've started freelancing for a web streaming company that also provide content for Sky Sports, ESPN, Eurosport... So far I've been privileged to shoot the EIBA National Championships, IPA Pool, Volleyball England National Championships, RFU and many more..

One of their biggest clients is the IFSC where I've travelled far and wide to shoot the worlds greatest climbers. They even had me up the side of an Alp in Italy, shooting interviews from a harness.

Short film wise...
I've got no video to show you as its all gone off to festivals!
Parasite by Lyle Jackson of Anti/Type Films has had a warm welcome but its waiting for copy write clearance before hitting the big leagues.
Eventide by Brian Harley of Short Night Films is stomping its mark and leaving people in tears nationwide.
I've also been working With Duncan Woodhouse on his Short 'Dystopia' which is set to be very exciting.

Oblivions Studios now has an updated fully function website!! Visit us at

.....And lastly I've been working on something tasty some kind of sporting event thats coming up in the near future


My Apologies..

Alrite guys!
2012 has kicked off to an exciting fast start and the blog has had to take an unfortunate back seat.
January was a serious month of documentary. The NHS funded a project to help prepare adults with learning difficulties for if/when they have to visit hospital. It is a DVD to familiarise the patient with the kinds of surroundings they will see, and sounds they will hear during their stay. Filming took place at University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire and George Elliot Hospital, Nuneaton.

February has been a little less serious and a lot more fun. The highlight has to be this shoot for Republic Clothing down in the Big Smoke.