Fincher Delivers Again..

Ok, so unless you've been avoiding TV and Cinema altogether recently you'll have noticed a buzz about the latest David Fincher project - The Social Network (the facebook movie). I managed to scrape advanced tickets at the local Odeon and get first dibs on this mother.
So for those of you that are unaware, The Social Network stars Mountain Dew swilling Jesse Eisenberg as 'Facebook' creator Mark Zuckerberg, and follows his development of our favorable website. It also tell of the enemies and problems he incurs along the way.
I did wonder how a film about 'facebook' could entertain me for 120 minutes? By this I mean, I hoped it wouldn't be another Zodiac. The answer? An excellent mix of beautiful cinematography and some highly believable performances from the cast. Even cringeworthy Justin Timberlake pulled out a great performance as Napster creator Sean Parker.
I won't give too much away but I'll say if you use 'Facebook' or are looking for an interesting 2hours then get out and see this.
'The Social Network' is released 15/10/2010.