Make A Wish..

My pals Danny, Anth and Phil over at Elation Pictures have just finished a music video for Hull band, JoKeRz. You may recognize front man, Kristian Eastwood, from a short film that Myself, Danny & Phil shot a few years ago.
'Make a Wish' is JoKeRz latest edition of Springsteen inspired rock, it's heavier than there previous releases and sounds alot grittier.

Written and Performed by : JoKeRz
Director : Phillip Burton
Director of Photography : Daniel May
Producer : Anthony Bean
Camera Operator/ Clapper Loader : Peter Goundrill
Editor : Daniel May
Post Production Consultant : Jonathan Rhodes

and here's 'My Sweet Charlotte', the short we made in 72 hours back in 2007, please excuse the typo at the begining.