Plot Device

For decades Colour-Grading has been an integral part of film making. Up until recently Colour-Grading was very expensive and very much out of reach for amateur film makers. Originally film was physically graded using photo-chemical processing - a process where the films negatives were developed for different amounts of time to create specific looks.

Then along came our modern digital age.

In the year 2000 The Coen brothers released "O'brother, where art thou", the first feature film to be 100% digitally graded. Over the following years digital Colour-Grading become more and more accessible and affordable, so much so that today there is an impressive selection to choose from.
Personally I've been rocking Red Giant Software Magic Bullet. Now if you arn't aware of Colour-Grading or need some educating in how it changes the tone of your story then check out 'Plot Device'.