Lifes moving pretty fast at the minute, so much so this is the first chance to update this page. Firstly I've started freelancing for a web streaming company that also provide content for Sky Sports, ESPN, Eurosport... So far I've been privileged to shoot the EIBA National Championships, IPA Pool, Volleyball England National Championships, RFU and many more..

One of their biggest clients is the IFSC where I've travelled far and wide to shoot the worlds greatest climbers. They even had me up the side of an Alp in Italy, shooting interviews from a harness.

Short film wise...
I've got no video to show you as its all gone off to festivals!
Parasite by Lyle Jackson of Anti/Type Films has had a warm welcome but its waiting for copy write clearance before hitting the big leagues.
Eventide by Brian Harley of Short Night Films is stomping its mark and leaving people in tears nationwide.
I've also been working With Duncan Woodhouse on his Short 'Dystopia' which is set to be very exciting.

Oblivions Studios now has an updated fully function website!! Visit us at www.OblivionStudios.co.uk

.....And lastly I've been working on something tasty some kind of sporting event thats coming up in the near future