Olympic Promo...

Some of you eager readers may remember the picture above from a previous post when I couldn't say much about it. Well... The covers have come off it and it has been revealed. I was commissioned to create a piece of promotional material for the UIPM for part of their bid to keep Modern Pentathlon an Olympic sport.
The piece isn't something I'd usually get into but I'm starting to find my way around post production and motion graphics again. I've recently been converted from my old faithful FCP to the Adobe CS package. Why? you may ask?.. The simple answer is that it has just run away in the post production race. Dynamic link is such a powerful element and made this project a breeze. I urge FCP users to check this out and save yourself from a HUGE headache. In the final piece of this project I used over 30 edited Dynamic Links which would of been around 50 renders for FCP and a major loss of time.
After thinking up the concept of using the Olympic colours in dancing smoke the construction was relatively simple. I used a combination of Action Essentials and fractal noise to create the smoke in After Effects. This piece had over 80+ layers and 6 pre comps to give it the vibrant and layered feel.
The Font I selected is a favourite of mine called NOVECENTO which comes in a variety of different styles and best of all... some of them are FREE! I primarily used a mixture of 'Demibold' and 'Light' which gave a brilliant contrast in emphasizing the key words.
The UIPM will be presenting this to the IOC in the near future.