Here it is, Eventide. Eventide poster Eventide is the film I've mentioned in previous post on here. The director, Brian Harley, approached me with his intentions for this film when we were shooting at Colchester's Mercury Theatre at the end of 2011. Although his plan was vague and somewhat cryptic it seemed that he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve with this particular project.
I had worked with Brian on several projects previous to this one and felt at that moment the project he spoke of, was destined for big things. This project turned out to be Eventide.
It was shot throughout the winter months of 2011 and 2012 on locations in Coventry and hotly tipped newcomer, Benjamin Thorne, breathed life and honesty in to the words that the talented writer had scripted. I shot some additional photography for the film at Walsgrave Hospital in January 2012. It was scored and completed in March.
Since Eventides completion it has warmed hearts, bought tears and touched hundreds of people whilst doing the rounds on the festival circuit. Brian has since been heard saying that the film that was once his, the film that he found comfort in, now belongs to the people that have watched it and can relate with its message. Humbling, hey? Eventide has even picked up a few accolades along the way.
Check it out below.. Eventide has caught the eye of several influential film makers since its online release. here are a few of the kind thoughts and sentiments passed on from them. Eventide quotes